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Our team members have expertise in Pricing, Valuation, Modelling, Risk Management and IFRS 17. They are proficient in Prophet Modelling, DCS, R Shiny, R programming, SQL, Excel / VBA & Robotic Process Automation.

You require additional actuarial resources to perform key tasks to support your company’s objective.


Nicholas Actuarial Solutions (“nactuarial”) is a leading actuarial firm in Asia. We have a large team of expertise with relevant experience to support you both on a short term & long term partnership basis.

Basic Resourcing: Our analysts shall perform all tasks assigned by you, following your internal policies and standards of operating procedures.

Guided Resourcing: Our analysts shall perform all tasks assigned by you, guided by our team of actuaries following your internal policies and standards of operating procedures as well as utilising our processes, templates & software.

✓ Mobilise resources in short notice
✓ Overcome headcount constraints
✓ Meet key timelines & deliverables
✓ Minimise disruption from staff turnover & absence

Experience - We have experience in managing multiple resourcing projects around the world. We understand your needs!


Cost Effectiveness - Our solution is structured in a cost-effective manner!

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