PET Robot

Fully Automated IFRS 17 Accounting Solution

Our PET Robot helps you perform PAA eligibility testing for your business, in line with IFRS 17 requirements


Top-of-the-line IFRS financial reporting solution developed using sound actuarial methodologies for IFRS 17 accounting, rigorously tested and documented in a user-friendly way. 

Supported by our team of experts in the IFRS 17 financial reporting, actuarial and technology domains.


Our solution can be deployed on the cloud or on-premise to cater for your IT security preferences.



User define data and parameters with our user-friendly interfaces.



PET Robot performs data analysis, outlining all steps for audit purposes.



Customizable reports which are available for download immediately.

Fully Automated

One-click IFRS 17 reporting that is immediately available for you after a run.

Ultimate Flexibility

Our solution is designed to work for you, tailored to suit your business requirements.


User-friendly interface,  downloadable IFRS 17 reports at any level of granularity.


Our solution is designed to help you save costs by making financial reporting simple. 

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