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Across Asia, the market dynamics of the insurance industry is becoming more and more challenging.

Increasing price competition, increasing regulatory compliance costs, lack of strategic fit as well as management incompetence have resulted in poor results of many insurance companies.

We provide an end-to-end solution to deliver a financially attractive deal

Nicholas Actuarial Solutions ("n-actuarial") is a leading actuarial firm in Asia. Our team has in-depth experience & expertise in all aspects of M&A. In 2019, we were awarded Top Actuarial Firm in Asia. 

Discuss with our team to fully understand our solution. For more information, click HERE

This has led to opportunities for potential mergers & acquisitions.

The Opportunity


1. Performing market assessment & identifying potential M&A targets, finding you the right partnet with strategic fit.

2. Performaing cash flow projection, actuarial appraisal valuation, evaluation of exclusive bancassurance arrangements, strategic business review & due diligence support

Our Approach


Your M&A consultant requires significant business acumen. We ensure our clients pay a fair price & fully understands the business acquired.

Why Choose Us?


For any enquiries, contact: 

Nicholas Yeo

Founder & Actuary


+6012 502 3566

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