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Actuarial Valuation for

Labuan Insurance Companies

Good news for Labuan Insurance Companies!

The regulatory environment in Labuan is becoming increasingly complex. Currently, an annual & interim actuarial valuation is required for both life and general insurers.


Soon, Insurance Capital Adequacy Framework (ICAF) will be required regularly.  

You need cost effective actuarial services, else you will bear the brunt of this increasing cost. 

You cannot continue to accept the status quo.

We are a technology focused actuarial firm, a leading actuarial firm in Asia. We have a dedicated team of people to serve life insurance companies in Labuan.

We are familiar with the Labuan environment. We can do the work effectively and efficiently.


n-actuarial is a technology based actuarial firm. We are willing to past on the efficiency from our robots, tools and templates to our clients in the form of lower prices.

We have a 100% on-time, compliance record.

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