Nicholas Actuarial Solutions Sdn Bhd (“n-actuarial”) is a technology-based actuarial firm established in 2015 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. n-actuarial provides consulting services and technology solutions based on actuarial science, with most of n-actuarial’s clients being insurance companies.


n-actuarial has achieved significant revenue and profit growth over the years and have built a strong infrastructure ready for future growth opportunities. n-actuarial is known as a leading actuarial firm in the ASEAN region, with a strong team of professionals, large profile of clients and our exceptional work quality.


The insurance industry is faced with industry revolution 4.0. There is a need for the insurance industry to transform into a fully automated, digital industry to remain profitable and relevant in the financial service industry in the digital era.


n-actuarial is a unique company that has accumulated profound technical knowledge in complex insurance processes such as actuarial, finance, risk management, product development, reinsurance, investment and compliance, as well as the know-how to apply cognitive robots with artificial intelligence (AI) into insurance processes.


With a growth and progressive mindset, n-actuarial has become a leading, growth driven actuarial firm in the region. n-actuarial is in the pole position to play the role of a key catalyst in the digital transformation of its clients in the insurance industry.

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